Autism and the Edges of the Known World: Sensitivities, by Olga Bogdashina PDF

By Olga Bogdashina

ISBN-10: 0857002392

ISBN-13: 9780857002396

ISBN-10: 1849050422

ISBN-13: 9781849050425

During this clever and incisive ebook, Olga Bogdashina explores previous and new theories of sensory belief and communique in autism. Drawing on linguistics, philosophy, neuroscience, psychology, anthropology and quantum mechanics, she appears to be like at how the character of the senses tell an individual's view of the realm, and the way language either displays and constructs that view. analyzing the 'whys' and 'hows' of the senses, and the position of language, Olga Bogdashina demanding situations universal perceptions of what it skill to be 'normal' and 'abnormal'. In doing so she exhibits that autism might help to light up our realizing of what it ability to be human, and of ways we increase colleges that form our cognition, language, and behavior. within the ultimate bankruptcy, she explores phenomena frequently linked to the magical - together with premonitions, telepathy and deja vu - and exhibits that those can mostly be defined in typical phrases. This publication will entice somebody with a private or specialist curiosity in autism, together with scholars and researchers, medical practitioners, members at the autism spectrum and their households, academics, speech and occupational therapists, and different pros.

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This is often a great danger and always an unnecessary handicap. viii, ix, x, xi) Maslow specified when drugs are ‘wisely used’: it should be ‘under observation’, that is, part of a controlled experiment. A useful example of alteration of consciousness is an experiment where a ‘normal’ person, whose sensory perceptual experiences have been changed by a drug and who knows ‘both versions of the world’, could compare and describe the differences of the perceptual states. A well-known case of this type is that of Aldous Huxley.

The research of UCSF (University of California, San Francisco) neuroscientist Michael Merzenich and neurogeneticist John Rubenstein has suggested that there seems to be a disproportionately high level of excitation (or disproportionately weak inhibition) in the sensory, mnemonic, social and emotional systems of autistic individuals (Rubenstein and Merzenich 2003). These researchers also studied the effects of auditory bombardment on developing brains. In experiments with rats whose developing forebrains were exposed to sequenced bursts of noise at different frequencies (simulating inherited genetic weakness in humans), they found that the ‘critical period’ ended too early.

These children partially recover the ability to understand speech between the ages of two-and-ahalf and three. [Those] who develop normally up to two years of age, may be more emotionally normal because emotional centres in the brain have had an opportunity to develop 42 / AUTISM AND THE EDGES OF THE KNOWN WORLD before the onset of sensory processing problems. It may be that a simple difference in timing determines which type of autism develops. 50) If sensory problems start early and the child learns to shut the systems down (in order to protect himself from painful and scary experiences), he creates a self-imposed sensory deprivation, which leads to complete isolation of the child from the outside ‘normal’ world.

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