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By Carson Herrington (Project Director)

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What are the characters doing? Describe the text in terms of placement, rhythm, color, and movement. a n a ly z e How does the artist use gesture and expression to convey meaning and drama? What element does the artist repeat? How does the repetition help to form a sense of visual unity on the pages of the manuscript? How does the text relate to the illustration? LESSON PLAN ONE 49 1 interpret What was the purpose of the medical treatise? What can historians and modern scientists gain by looking at old medical journals?

Interpret Since plain glass would have functioned just as well to illuminate the mosque, why has this lamp been decorated? Why does the name of the sultan appear on the lamp? What is the significance of the “light verse” appearing on a lamp to be used in a mosque? What is the significance of the patterned design decorating the body of the lamp? Activity m at e r i a l s A map showing the spread of Islam, photographs of interior and exterior views of a mosque, examples of Islamic calligraphy For the studio activity: 12" x 18" sheets of dark construction paper, gel pens or light-colored crayons, scissors, 12" x 18" sheets of colored cellophane or tissue paper, glue day o n e Review with students the development of the Islamic faith and world, introducing the image of the mosque lamp and conducting a discussion using the resources suggested in the Motivation and Discussion section.

Help students develop a medical treatise by reflecting on their personal experiences with such health issues as falls, bites, illnesses, dental problems, and sports injuries. Lesson Extensions h e a lt h h i st o r y One of the ways doctors gain knowledge about patients is from their medical histories. Students can illustrate events from their own medical histories, such as broken bones, chicken pox, poison ivy, skinned knees, or dental work, in the form of scenes telling how and where it happened, how the symptoms looked, and what treatments they received.

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Arts of the A TEACHER’S GUIDE Islamic World by Carson Herrington (Project Director)

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