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Collect the paintings of others within the box, write a booklet approximately it, improve it with a couple of mathematical appendices, ship it to the editor, and you will get two hundred pages+ of thick idea, void of functional curiosity for the layout engineer.

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All the orthogonality relationships are given as follows. 86b S S Hybrid Modes S S Note that Eq. 86) is valid even when m D k and n D l. 87b e h where Cemn , Chmn , Dmn , and Dmn are the orthogonal coefficients. As for the case of the scalar potentials, when the modes are degenerate and nonorthogonal, we can construct a new set of transverse fields, each of which is a linear combination of certain fields of the nonorthogonal degenerate modes, such that the new fields are mutually orthogonal. 3 Orthogonality Relations Between Electric and Magnetic Fields Let’s consider again two different TMmn and TMkl modes.

9 WAVE EQUATIONS Electromagnetic fields may be determined by using Maxwell’s equations and constitutive relations directly. However, the most convenient way of obtaining these fields is solving a special class of equations known as the wave equations. We shall derive these equations as follows. We consider a medium that is source free ( D J D 0) and simple (homogeneous, isotropic, and linear) and assume that the fields are time harmonic. The medium is characterized by a dielectric constant ε and permeability .

It should also be noted that the boundary conditions for the normal and tangential components of the fields between any two media are not independent of each other. 6 SKIN DEPTH One of the most important parameters of a medium is its skin depth or depth of penetration. The skin depth is defined as the distance from the medium surface, over which the magnitudes of the fields of a wave traveling in the medium are reduced to 1/e, or approximately 37%, of those at the medium’s surface. 17 The skin depths of good conductors are very small, especially at high frequencies, causing currents to reside near the conductors’ surfaces.

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