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By B.D. Popovic, etc., M.B. Dragovic, A.R. Djordjevic

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5 is approximated by the TEM mode Only. 2. Approximations of excitation regions v E (p) p ln(b/a) p a- ->- 2Jms Jms / I I I I I 12a I I I FIG. 6. 5. 3. 6(b). 6(a). source of tenna. 37 These magnetic currents are the the impressed electricfield for the symmetrical dipole an- Finally, we can apply once mote- the- equivalence theorem to re- move the perfectly conducting antenna, which leaves us with the magnetic-current frill and the induced currents and charges on the former antenna surface, situated tained in which in a homogeneous medium.

4) , care should be the Schelkunoff equation exercised when integrating by integral shown on the left-hand side of eqn. ( 1. 28) . integral should be split in to two integrals, one of Namely, them being performed on avoid the the interval (z ,0), and the other on (O,z ), in order to 1 2 discontinuity of di/dz at z=O, where the magnetic-current frill is located. 28) w·e obtain di(zl) - - g(r) dzl = _ dl(z dz 1 dz 1 ()z 1 2 1 (r)\ ) g 2 + di(z dz 1 1 z =z 1 ) I O+ (r) z=O- 1 g + J z=O 0- +(J (2. 20).

3, due to belt-generator (solid line) and to TEM magneticcurrent frill (dashed line) along the antenna axis. sults for the antenna admittance (and, of course, for current distribution in general). netic fields at However, if we consider the real electric the opening, it becomes obvious that a cannot approximate the 30 . 1 ower f requencles. actual field F or examp 1 e, at TEM wave alone distribution accurately, the and mag- even at outer coaxial-line conductor wedge, in reality both the radial (E ) and axial (E ) components of the p z -l/3 31 electric field are singular and proportional to (b-p) when p~b.

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Analysis and Synthesis of Wire Antennas (Electronic & Electrical Engineering Research Studies) by B.D. Popovic, etc., M.B. Dragovic, A.R. Djordjevic

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