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By Willy M Sansen

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This e-book is entitled Analog layout necessities since it comprises all issues of significance to the analog clothier that are necessary to receive enough insights to do an intensive activity.

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Das umfassende Lehrwerk Nachrichtenübertragung gliedert sich in vier Teile. Beginnend mit Grundlagen der Systemtheorie deterministischer und stochastischer Signale sowie einigen grundsätzlichen Eigenschaften von Übertragungskanälen widmet sich der zweite Teil der klassischen Analogübertragung. Teil drei behandelt ausschließlich die neueren digitalen Modulationsverfahren.

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It is the minimum output voltage for DSsat which the MOST operates in saturation, exhibiting a large output resistance r , and thus o large gain. 0185 The minimum V , for which the MOST operates in saturation, is little less than V −V , DSsat GS T which also sets the current depending on the transistor dimensions W and L. 2 V. The voltage loss V is DSsat also small. 5 V. 5 V without losing gain. This creates a severe limitation in output swing. Bipolar transistors always exhibit a minimum output voltage of a few times kT/q.

One of these phenomena is the effect of the vertical electric field E across the oxide. It is used mainly c by designers, not by technologists. The transconductance g in velocity saturation, can be obtained by taking the derivative of msat the current again. For large V −V , a simple expression is found for g . This must obviously GS T msat equal the original expression of g with v in it. msat sat Equation of both expressions of g shows that this parameter h depends on the channel msat length. The smaller L, the larger h.

This is probably one of the most basic compromises in analog CMOS design. High-gain devices such as at the input of operational amplifiers, have to be designed for small V −V GS T 34 Chapter #1 and for large channel length L. For high frequency designs, such as VCO’s and LNA’s, it is exactly the opposite. Remember that setting the values of V −V is the same as setting the ratio of g /I or the GS T m DS same as setting the inversion coefficient i=I /I . DS DSt 0163 For a specific V −V , the GS T frequencies f are easily plotT ted versus channel length L, as shown in this slide.

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