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By George M. Bergman

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Rich in examples and intuitive discussions, this ebook offers basic Algebra utilizing the unifying point of view of different types and functors. beginning with a survey, in non-category-theoretic phrases, of many customary and not-so-familiar buildings in algebra (plus from topology for perspective), the reader is guided to an figuring out and appreciation of the final recommendations and instruments unifying those structures. subject matters contain: set thought, lattices, class thought, the formula of common buildings in category-theoretic phrases, forms of algebras, and adjunctions. a good number of workouts, from the regimen to the demanding, interspersed in the course of the textual content, enhance the reader's seize of the fabric, show functions of the overall concept to various parts of algebra, and occasionally element to striking open questions. Graduate scholars and researchers wishing to realize fluency in very important mathematical structures will welcome this conscientiously stimulated book.

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Hence that X-tuple can be thought of as a “universal X-tuple of group elements”, so the property characterizing it is called a universal property. We note a few elementary facts and conventions about such objects. If (F, u) is a free group on X, then the map u : X → |F | is one-to-one. (This is easy to prove from the universal property, plus the well-known fact that there exist groups with more than one element. ) Hence given a free group, it is easy to get from it one such that the map u is actually an inclusion X ⊆ |F |.

2−i ai . On the set of real numbers ≥ 1 : (c) the continued fraction operation, c(a1 , a2 , . . ) = a1 + 1/(a2 + 1/(. . )). On the class of subsets of the set of integers: (d) the operation ai , (e) the operation ai . 7:4. Suppose Ω is a pair (|Ω|, ari), where |Ω| is again a set of operation symbols, but where the arities ari(α) may now be finite or infinite cardinals; and let X be a set of variable-symbols. 1. For s, t ∈ T, let us write s ❍ involved” in s, that is, if s has the form α(u1 , u2 , .

Then the set of derived generalized group-theoretic operations will form a free group on the generators a, b and c. 3:6. Call a generalized group-theoretic operation p functorial if for every homomorphism of groups f : G → H, one has f (p(G, α, β, γ)) = p(H, f (α), f (β), f (γ)) (α, β, γ ∈ |G|). ) Show that all derived group-theoretic operations are functorial. Is the converse true? 3:7. Same question for functorial generalized operations on the class of all finite groups. 4. The classical construction: free groups as groups of words The constructions discussed above have the disadvantage of not giving very explicit descriptions of free groups.

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