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Passed down through oral culture, Texas folks sayings are expressive, special, worthwhile, pleasant, fairly descriptive, in many instances extraordinary, and continually pleasing. "Bubbas" have a fashion of speaking that could depart the remainder of us thinking about what is been acknowledged. a lot of the colourful language of those rural folks harks again to the early days of Texas settlers, and has been in use ever due to the fact.

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I 137 Right There is a lack of consistency between what they practise and what they preach. There was great consistency between what she said and what she did. The custard had the wrong consistency. Habia mucha coherencia entre sus palabrasysusactos. La crema no tenfa la consistencia adecuada. ). Tambien significa regularidad, coherencia. Wrong The first course wasn't very consistent. Right The first course wasn't very substantial. Exercises | 1. No hubo concordancia entre las declaraciones de los testigos.

Comment Comedy significa comedia = obra de teatro o pelfcula cbmica. No significa comedia = fingimiento, que se traduce por an act, playacting. Examples The play is a comedy, but with * elements of tragedy. Her new play is witty and original. La obra es una comedia pero tiene elementos de tragedia. Su nueva comedia es chispeante y original. Exercises 1. Su conducta exagerada no es mas que comedia para ocultar su timidez. 2. No hagas tanta comedia. 3. Su dolor de cabeza es pura comedia, solo quiere llamar la atencidn.

40 Lo haremos hoy o manana, como le resulte m^s conveniente. iLe viene bien a las once? Le es ma's comodo ir en tren. Este banco esta muy bien situado parausted. El martes no me resulta conveniente. No es un momenta conven iente. Es practice para iral mercado. ,:,Qu6 dia le viene bien venir? , Exercises 1. El martes no me resulta conveniente. 2. Es conveniente beber mucha agua. 3. No es un momento conveniente. 4. Sena conveniente que se lo dijeras. 5. No es conveniente que tome el sol. 6. Nojuzgti conveniente aceptar.

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