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Passed down through oral culture, Texas folks sayings are expressive, exact, worthy, pleasant, really descriptive, typically strange, and regularly pleasing. "Bubbas" have a manner of speaking which could depart the remainder of us thinking about what is been acknowledged. a lot of the colourful language of those rural people harks again to the early days of Texas settlers, and has been in use ever considering that.

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Kangro, Vorgeschichte ties Planckschen Strahlungsgese tzes . Messungen and Theorien der spektralen Energieverteilung his zur Begrundung der Quantenhypo these (Wiesbaden, 1970), 251 . , West Berlin, which has 149 recently acquired letters from Planck to Wien (1900-1928), typewritten copies of three letters from Wien to Planck (12 June 1914, I May 1915, and 12 Feb. 1916) ; to H . A . Lorentz (22 Jan . 1914) ; and from Wilhelm Hallwachs to Wien (10 June 1914) . Letters, cards, and other documents are at the Max Planck Gesellschaft zur Forderung der Wissenschaften e .

Kuhn, J . L . Heilbron, P . Forman, and L . , Sources for the History of Quantum Physics (Philadelphia, 1967), which is not free of errors . See also A . 6 . 1967, V . Wehefritz, ed . d . [Hamburg, 1967]) . A considerable number of photographs are at the Max Planck Gesellschaft, Munich . R . On Planck's activity as an editor, see Max Planck, Gedlichtnisausstellung . , V . Wehefritz, ed . (see above), 4-5 ; Max Planck in seinen Akademie-Ansprachen (Berlin, 1948), 199-which is incomplete ; and Poggendorfl', VlV IIa .

S pec . no . ) ; and Bernhard Winterstetter, "Zum 100 . Geburtstag von Max Planck," in Stimmen aus dem Maxgymnasium, 6 (1958), 1-6 . A . Hermann's recent biography, Selbstzeugnissen Max Planck in Selhstzeugnissen and Bilddokumenten (Hamburg, 1973) includes anecdotes and forty portraits of Planck . Also worthwhile is the personal recollection of Lise Meitner, "Max Planck als Mensch," in Natunvissensclraften, 45 (1948), 406-408 ; cf. "Lise Meitner Looks Back," in Advancement of Science, 20 (1964), 39-46 .

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