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By H. Geissbühler, P. C. Kearney and G. T. Brooks (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0080239307

ISBN-13: 9780080239309

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Brown and R. W. Addor American Cyanamid Company, Princeton, New Jersey 08540 II-5 BENZOSPIRO PYRETHROIDS The acid, 3,3-dimethylspiro[cyclopropane-1,1'-indene]-2-carboxylic acid (I), was prepared by a previously described route but incorporating the improved ylid 1-isopropylideneindene reaction shown. + CH 3 CE3 O CHCOoEt CH 3v/ CH 3 eis The crystalline cis-acid was isolated and its enantiomers were resolved. The m-phenoxybenzyl, α-cyano-m-phenoxybenzyl, and a number of other esters derived from these and some related acids were found to be potent insecticides.

In future, the separation of enantiomers and asymmetric synthesis will increase in importance so as to fully utilize the activity of the biologically active enantiomer. g. L-(+)-tartaric acid, have been advantageously complemented by new optically active intermediates. These intermediates are now accessible by means of chain-lengthening reactions with formaldehyde or carbon monoxide from cheaply available natural products. 0Η Φ^ ^ è ^ è CHO W. Riemenschneider Hoechst AG, D-6230 Frankfurt (M) 80, West-Germany 1-103 A NEW TECHNICAL WAY FOR CYANOGEN Cyanogen is an interesting chemical building block, with a broad, well known chemical potential, which has been shown in many publications.

The press. Pestio. , in 2. L. Metcalf. Structure-activity relationships for insecticidal carbamates. Bull. 44, 43-78 (1971).

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