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The entire advisor to abbreviations and acronyms.

  • from Abba to Zip, the entire consultant to abbreviations
  • the simplest and worst of acronyms, from Mencap to CREEP
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    'Collins Wordpower' is a sequence of compact, complete and effortless publications to English utilization: the genuine English publications to genuine English.

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    Acronyms – where the initials of a phrase or saying form a meaningful or pronounceable word – can be even more hermetic. How many of us would score ten out of ten for reciting correctly the full meanings of Oxfam, radar, scuba, Saga, Qantas, laser and Wasp? Or even Nimby, Serps, Miras and Tessa, which entered the language only a few years ago? Names of people, too, are abbreviated; you are forgiven if you don’t know that RLS is the famous 19th century writer Robert Louis Stevenson, but how about GBS, FDR, JFK and JCB?

    Doctors’ Abbreviations E East, West and other Points of the Compass E numbers F We’re all jolly good Fellows! ABQUIZ G Gay An abbreviation too far? H I Ibid, Idem, Inf and other footnotes I = The International Community Internet Abbrajargon Initials J Jeevesian Abbreviations Jokey Acronyms K Kt-KB3, B-KN5 L Lewd Acronyms M Man Through The Ages M0, M1, M2… Money, Money, Money! MIS, Ml19 and the Secret World N An Initial Quiz Answers to Initial Quiz O OAPs and Senior Citizens Oz Abbros P PORC: Protests, Organisations, Rallies and Causes Poms, Pommies and POMEs PIX, NIX and Varietyese Portmanteau Words Mind your Ps and Qs Q Some Curious Qs A Question of being POSH R European Car Registration Letters The Three Rs S Spoof Acronyms An Abbreviated Quiz Abbreviated Quiz Answers That’s Show Business!

    On the other hand the letters DNR effectively disguise a truly grim reality: do not resuscitate. Other common abbreviations include VMI (very much improved) and NAD (nothing abnormal detected). ). ) and the ghoulish GPO (good for parts only); MFC (measure for coffin) and ECU (eternal care unit, ie, morgue). ’ DOD Department of Defense (US) DOE Department of the Environment DOM Deo Optimo Maximo: Latin for ‘God is best and greatest’, the motto of the Benedictine Order and seen on the labels of Benedictine liqueur; dirty old man DORA Defence of the Realm Act, enacted during World War 1 to enforce security restrictions dorm dormitory DOS disc (or disk) operating system, as in MS-DOS and PC-DOS doz dozen DP displaced person; data processing DPh Doctor of Philosophy DPM Deputy Prime Minister; Diploma of Psychological Medicine DPP Director of Public Prosecutions DPW Department of Public Works Dr doctor dr debit; debtor; drachm; drachma; drawn; drive D-RAM dynamic random access memory DSC Distinguished Service Cross DSc Doctor of Science DSM Distinguished Service Medal DSO Distinguished Service Order DSS Department of Social Security DST daylight saving time dstn destination DTI Department of Trade and Industry DTP desktop publishing DTs delirium tremens dub dubious dup duplicate Dur Durham DV Domestic Violence Division, Scotland Yard DVD digital video disc; DVD-Rom = recordable DVD DVLC Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre, Swansea DVM Doctor of Veterinary Medicine d/w dust wrapper; also d/j = dust jacket (books) D/W deadweight DWD driving while disqualified DWI Dutch West Indies dwt pennyweight (one twentieth of an ounce) DX Telecom symbol for long distance; deep six (to ‘deep six’ something is to bury it, literally or figuratively) dyb Do Your Best (Scout’s motto).

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