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By Horace Gerald Danner

ISBN-10: 1442233257

ISBN-13: 9781442233256

Horace G. Danner’s A word list of English note Roots is a compendium of the most-used note roots of the English language. As Timothy B. Noone notes in his foreword: “Dr. Danner’s ebook permits you not just to accumulate your passive English vocabulary, leading to be aware acceptance wisdom, but additionally can provide the rudiments for constructing your energetic English vocabulary, making it attainable to deduce the that means of phrases with that you are usually not but familiar. Your wisdom can now extend and may achieve this exponentially as your understanding of the roots in English phrases and your corresponding skill to decode surprising phrases grows apace. this can be the start of a superb psychological linguistic library: so enjoy!”

In A word list of English observe Roots, all observe roots are indexed alphabetically, in addition to the Greek or Latin phrases from which they derive, including the roots’ unique meanings. If the present which means of anyone root differs from the unique that means, that's indexed in a separate column. within the examples column, the phrases which comprise the basis are then indexed, beginning with their prefixes, for instance, dysacousia, hyperacousia. those root-starting phrases then are by way of phrases the place the foundation falls at the back of the observe, e.g., acouesthesia and acoumeter. those phrases are by means of phrases the place the basis falls within the center or the tip, as in such phrases as bradyacusia and odynacusis.. during this demeanour, A glossary of English observe Roots areas the be aware in as many note households as there are components within the note.

This paintings will curiosity linguists and philologists and someone drawn to the etymological facets of English language.

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ITALIAN: animato (in music, with animation) PLACE NAME: Las Animas, CO CROSS REFERENCE: bio, hal2, pneu, spir1, vit, zo NOTE: This root comprises an, not + isos, equal. ; lasting or living only one year or season, as some plants; as a noun, a book, magazine, or report published once a year) {annually}, annualize annuary (yearbook, annual) annuitant, annuity (a payment of a fixed sum of money at regular intervals of time, especially yearly) A Thesaurus of English Word Roots 34 Element ann (cont’d) From Meaning [year] Examples PREFIXED ROOT: ann: biannual (coming twice a year; semiannual; compare biennial) (bi two) semiannual (same as biannual: done, happening, appearing, etc.

See al2. , algae) {algal}, algin LEADING ROOT COMPOUND: algi: algicide (a substance used to prevent or get rid of algae, esp. ; a freehold estate: opposed to feud) {allodial} CROSS REFERENCE: None See elee- for almoner, alms. , a melting together; the contraction into one syllable of two adjacent vowels, usu. ) [et al. , walking, or going, before; an introductory statement, introduction; SYNONYMS: foreword, preface, introduction, prologue); capitalized, the introductory statement of the United States Constitution, setting forth the principles of American government and beginning with the words, "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union.

Other words are listed in the families to which it is attached. Examples: amphibian, amphibrach, amphimacer, amphora DISGUISED ROOT: ampul, ampulla (nearly round bottle with two handles, used by the ancient Greeks and Romans; in anatomy, a sac or dilated part of a tube or canal, as of a milk duct in a mammary gland), ampullaceous (shaped like an ampulla or bladder) MYTHOLOGY: Amphion (he built a wall around Thebes by charming the stones into place with a lyre) CROSS REFERENCE: ambi, circ, peri SIMPLE ROOT: ample (large in size, scope; spacious; more than enough; adequate; SYNONYMS: abundant, copious, plentiful, profuse) {amply}, amplitude (SYNONYMS: abundance, magnitude, scope, size) PREFIXED ROOT: preamplifier (an auxiliary) (pre before) LEADING ROOT COMPOUND: amplification, amplifier, amplify (facere to make) NB: Example is listed under emp-.

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