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A useful paintings which serves as an advent to the topic and as a reference for all those that have to stay up to date with monetary considering.

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BANKING 25 Because the liabilities of banks form a large part of the accepted definitions of the money supply, banks attract government regulation on a scale that is greater than that applying to almost every other sector. This regulation can be divided into two main areas. The first is regulation for the purposes of furthering monetary policy. The other area of regulation covers the prudent behaviour of banks in an effort to ensure the safe and efficient functioning of the banking system. Monetary policy seeks to influence the behaviour of the real economy by changing various financial variables like interest rates, the stock of money, the volume of credit and the direction of credit.

1) Financial accounting deals with the provision of information to providers of finance (shareholders and creditors) and other interested parties who do not participate in the management of the firm (such as trade unions and consumer groups). This usually takes the form of a balance sheet (a statement of assets and claims thereon at a point in time), and a profit and loss account (a statement of revenue, expenses and profit over a period of time), supplemented by various other statements and notes.

There have been exceptions to this general modelling strategy that have used nonlinear equation systems capable of generating—in the absence of shocks—selfsustaining ‘limit cycles’. These can be stable and self-repeating even in the face of shocks, which merely impart some additional irregularity. Such contributions have been relatively BUSINESS CYCLES 33 rare but may become more common as economists increasingly familiarize themselves with nonlinear techniques of mathematical and statistical analysis.

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