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By Carl Darling Buck

ISBN-10: 0226079376

ISBN-13: 9780226079370

Originally released in 1949 and showing now for the 1st time in a paperbound version, Buck's Dictionary continues to be an imperative device for diachronic research of the Indo-European languages. prepared based on the that means of phrases, the paintings includes greater than 1,000 groupings of synonyms from the important Indo-European languages. greenback first tabulates the phrases describing a selected idea after which discusses their etymological and semantic heritage, tracing adjustments in which means of the foundation phrases in addition to featuring situations indicating which of the older types were changed via expressions of colloquial or international origin.

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You can do it—you’re so quick! 37 Stor y t ime Let’s find... 2 ballerinas a witch’s cat the Queen 38 the King a dragon a glass slipper a horse and carriage a tower the moon a witch 3 fish 2 princesses a lion 2 fairies a fairy godmother a prince a mermaid a superhero a wizard Spy two magic wands, then here’s what you do ... make a special wish that you’d like to come true! 39 Treasure hunt Let’s find... a treasure chest a gold buckle a key a parrot a crown a charm bracelet a green heart jewel a pirate ship a monkey 6 wooden pirates a brooch 10 gold coins a starfish 40 a fob watch a telescope a treasure map a ruby ring a sword a book a compass a quill pen a scroll More sparkly jewels are buried in the ground.

Black and white Let’s find... a magician’s wand a bow tie a rabbit a pair of glasses ouse m a d Fin playing a tune, ple u o c a and oon! s g n i y mar r 28 a pair of shoes 2 ghosts a piano a panda 2 wheels a polar bear an egg a skeleton 3 bats a plastic hat a blackbird 3 soccer balls a cauldron 8 dominoes a monkey 3 black cats a Dalmatian 29 Bat htime Let’s find... a butterfly soap a fishing net a bottle of shampoo a crab a yellow towel a soap dish a mermaid a nailbrush a bottle of bubble bath a starfish 3 toothbrushes a seal a sea horse a blue-and-yellow diver a big yellow duck 30 2 green boats Look here, there ...

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