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By Neil Carson

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Henslowe's 'diary' is a distinct resource of data concerning the daily operating of the Elizabethan repertory theatre. Philip Henslowe, a theatrical entrepreneur, saved documents of his monetary dealings with London businesses and actors from 1592-1604. The diary itself is tough to decipher. Neil Carson's research relies on a way more thorough correlation of Henslowe's entries than has been tried ahead of, breaking down into transparent tabular shape the most goods of source of revenue and expenditure and drawing conclusions concerning the administration methods of the firms, the pro relationships of actors and playwrights and the ways that performs have been written, rehearsed and programmed. earlier hypothesis has disregarded Henslowe himself as ignorant, disorderly and greedy. Carson indicates him to were a benign and effective businessman whose keep watch over over the actors' specialist actions was once less huge than has frequently been meant.

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69v). It is difficult to see how Henslowe arrived at this figure. His own subtotals added to his previous reckoning yield a grand total of £842-18-5 which, after repayments of £565-05 have been deducted, leaves a balance owing of £271-13-0. It is possible that there are some hidden expenses which do not show up in the diary, or THEATRICAL LANDLORD 29 possibly the players agreed to round off the figure, thereby including a sum for interest in the final payment. A third possibility is that Henslowe is including the 1595 debt of £30.

108 v). This statement can hardly mean what it says. Total loans to that date amounted to £774. That the Admiral's Men can have paid off more than £500 of its outstanding debt in such a short time seems most improbable. That it did not is indicated by Henslowe's last major balancing, which he carried out on 5 May 1603 (f. 109v). On that day he totalled all advances made to the Company since 23 February 1602 as £188-11-6. Then he added that figure to £211-09-0, which he called a 'Some vpon band' to get £400-00-6.

Xixs) to a system of five columns of arabic numbers (Janewary 1597 tt at Nabucadonizer 0 09 02 00 - 03). There is fairly general agreement that this change must reflect an alteration in Henslowe's relationship to the company, but no consensus as to what that change might be. Wallace (1910: 361) followed by Baldwin (1927b: 71) suggested that the first two figures represent pounds and shillings and record half the gallery income, while the last three columns (representing pounds, shillings and pence) record the outer door receipts.

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