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Книга является полным руководством построения тела, о котором вы мечтали! В ней подробно и методично расписано все, что всемирно известный тренер Ник Митчелл сделал с заместителем главного редактора Mens health Джо Варнером за 12 недель. Что именно? Да так, самую малость! Он просто изменил состав его тела - добавил 10 кг мышечной массы, избавив при этом от eight кг жировой прослойки!

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Many parents are uncomfortable with deciding what to tell the child who needs an evaluation or therapy services. It is important to be honest with the child, and to express the concerns leading to the evaluation in simple terms that are meaningful to the child. Remember that the things that are important to a child are usually different from the things that are important to adults. For the preschooler, an explanation like “We’re going to a doctor who wants to play some special games with you. She wants to show you some puzzles, and see how you can draw pictures.

Examples of ways to provide selective inattention include ignoring inappropriate verbal outbursts or clowning behaviors, or using a “time out” chair.

1 summarizes the roles and functions of various professionals and medical subspecialists who may participate in a comprehensive developmental evaluation. For children with mild developmental motor concerns, evaluation by a therapist skilled in the assessment of motor development and quality of movement is essential. Occupational therapists are particularly well qualified in this area, although some physical therapists also specialize in working with children with mild motor difficulties. The primary focus of occupational therapy (OT) is to address problems with fine motor and perceptual development that interfere with self care, play, and school performance, which are the primary “occupations” of childhood.

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